A MAJOR bank is getting in touch with all farming clients impacted by the flooding to offer assistance.

Mark Suthern, Barclays national head of agriculture, said: “The extreme weather and subsequent flooding we’re seeing at the moment is causing adversity for farmers, and may well have an impact on their cash flow, particularly for those buying additional feed for livestock or replacing sown crops which have been washed away. Some winter crops may need to be replaced in the spring, doubling costs and impacting the 2020 harvest.

“Our specialist team of agricultural relationship managers are out speaking to all our farming clients who have been impacted to see how we can help. Barclays can offer immediate support in the form of increased working capital and assist with longer term cash flow planning for 2020. We can also offer capital repayment holidays to help ease pressure in the coming 12 months.

“Farmers worried about the impact on their business should talk to their bank now. We can help plan ahead for the coming months and ease any pressure as we face continued uncertainty.”