A DRIVER delivering farm supplies despite having to cross a flooded river has become an internet hit after his driving skills were highlighted by the Yorkshire Shepherdess.

A video of Carrs Billington driver Danny Higgins taking animal food supplies to Amanda Owen’s storm-lashed hill farm has been viewed online tens of thousands of times.

Danny was en route to the Dales sheep farm run by Amanda and her husband Clive when he found his way cut off by floods caused by Storm Ciara and melting snow.

Ravenseat in Swaledale is one of the highest, remotest hill farms in England and they wanted to ensure they had feed supplies in before Storm Dennis hit.

After checking with the family that it would be safe to cross, Danny put his 32-tonne HGV into gear and cut through to the other side to make his delivery.

Amanda, who during Ciara had posted a video of her cattle trailer being washed downstream, shared the ‘Keep on trucking’ video on Twitter after telling Danny she was going to make him famous.

But for Danny it was all part of the job. He said: “Once I’d checked that it was safe, I just got in my cab and went for it. There was no drama, it was just another delivery to get through.”